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            Automatic Servocontrol Multi-Color Screen Label Printing Machine XH-300
            With mechanism, electricity and pneumatics integrated, by PLC logic programming. man-machine interface operate. And adopt servo motor control, drive faster, stable, accurate in order to increase production and make the printing quality is better. The machine prints labels, by screen printing process, on di erent soft tape materials automatically. As the printed labels feature high ink density, good fastness, high ink coverage and precise registration, the machine is particularly suitable for printing on
            materials with dark bottom color and for large area solid printing. It is a high e cient machine for printing labels.
            XH-300 with Infrared Drying
            • The combination of standard hot air drying oven and the infrared high temperature drying oven is optional
            • The infrared high temperature drying oven is used for drying the ordinary and heat-set inks.The max temperature can reach 170℃
            • The length of the machine will be increased by 754mm when one high temperature drying oven is equipped
            Technical Parameter
            Moder Printing area
            Printing speed Printing color Dry power
            (each color)
            Total power (3color) (LxWxH m)
            XH-300 Automatic 490x280 Max.1500prints/h 1to6 colors 220v/3kw Drying power+3.75kw 11.6x1.2x1.3
            XH-300 IR Drying 490x280 300-900prints/h 1to6 colors 220v/4.8kw Drying power+3.75kw 11.6(+0.75/one oven)x1.2x1.3

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