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            XH-08 Automatic Tag Punching & Threading Machine

            XH-08 Automatic Tag Punching & Threading Machine
            XH-08 automatic tag punching & threading is a machine with automatic paper feeding, punching, fixed length threading, tying, shearing, tensing, tag feeding, collecting function. The machine has compact and reasonable structure, automatic counting, convenient to use. This machine has easy process and stepless speed regulating, di erent size of tags is easy to replace, it accept big quantity or small. It is a high e ciency after printing machine.
            Technical Parameter
            Punching threading e ciency Punching diameter Thread length Thread length Tag size Tag thickness Machine weight
            1500-4500 PCS/H Ф3mm 120~215mm 2mm 20x55~80x140 mm 0.25~0.8mm 300kg

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