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            Label Cutting-folding Machine

            JZ-70 Hot Blade Multifunctional Label Cutting-folding Machine
            JZ-70A/70B Hot Blade Label Cutting-folding Machine
            This machine equip variable voltage and variable frequency, high-end motor, running stable, operate it easy, superior performance. Because of unique Flat holding shift mark technology, it can solve the problem which is hard to cut soft label and greatly improve the qualified rate of products. It adopt imported heating tube and electronic temperature control system, heating
            faster, constancy of temperature. It adopt import alloy cutter and it can be used for long time. It adopt one step forming technology, imported electric eye color separation device, positioning precision, folding faster, good e ect. It is preferred device of label printing machine, garment label folding machine and single cutter.
            Technical Parameter
            MODEL JZ-70 JZ-70A JZ-70B
            Cutting Type 冷熱切 冷熱切 冷熱切
            Folding Type & Size
            Cutting Size
            Cutting Speed Max.200 pcs/Min Max.200 pcs/Min Max.200 pcs/Min

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