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            High Speed Rotary Label Printing Machine Series
            This series machine is a classical product among garment label printing machines. With resin plate being used in the machine and by means of o set process, it can complete stable, accurate,multi-color and two-sides printing on di erent fabric and paper tape materials at high speed. The printing quality of the machine is not a ected by the tension of materials and the printed small characters look clear and complete and the registration is precise. They are the first choice of tag/label printing in garment, toys, gloves, trunks and briefcases industries.
            • Two sides printing can be completed at the same time.
            • Two plate cylinders with di erent circumference of 295mm or 400mm are for customer's choice.(XH-700, XH-96, XH-94)
            • Di erential ink distributing system, more uniform and quicker ink distribution. (XH-700, XH-500, XH-94)
            • The new shower self-lubricating system ensures the driving parts longer life and lower noise.(XH-700, XH-500, XH-94)
            Technical Parameter
            Model XH-96 XH-99 XH-94 XH-500 XH-700
            Printing color 2+0/1+1 3+0/2+1 4+0/3+1 5+0/4+1 6+0/5+2/4+3
            Max. printing width 100mm 100mm 100mm 100mm 100mm
            Max. printing length 295~400mm 400mm 295~400mm 400mm 295~400mm
            Max. roll width 110mm 110mm 110mm 110mm 110mm
            Printing speed 0-60 m/min 0-60 m/min 0-60 m/min 0-60 m/min 0-60 m/min
            Total power 0.81 kw 0.81 kw 1.16kw 1.7 kw 1.7 kw
            Weight 700kg 800kg 950kg 1000kg 1200kg
            (LxWxH)m 1×0.82×1.1 5 1.2×0.82×1.6 1.52×0.82×1.6 1.65×0.82×1.7 1.96×0.82×1.8
            Packing size
            1.27×1.09×1.8 1.27×1.2×1.8 1.6×1.1×1.85 1.8×1.11×1.9 2.1×1.11×2.2

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