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            XHR Series Flexo Label Printing Machine
            The printing principle of the Flexo Label Printing Machine is to transfer the ink from the high precision anilox roller to plate, then
            from the plate to the printing materials. It can make stable and high speed printing on cloths, ribbons and paper rolls with the
            printed result of thick and solid ink layer and good fastness.The plate cylinder of di erent circumferences can be replaced, so that to change the printing length. The machine is equipped with two sides printing tension control mechanism, make it more accurate.。
            Technical Parameter
            Max. printing width Max. printing length Printing speed Unwinding roll diameter Rewinding roll diameter
            150mm 108-400mm 0-70m/min Ф400mm Ф400mm

            Model XHR62 XHR52 XHR42 XHR41 XHR40 XHR32 XHR31 XHR30 XHR22 XHR21 XHR20
            Printing color 6+2 5+2 4+2 4+1 4+0 3+2 3+1 3+0 2+2 2+1 2+0
            Weight 950KG 700KG 650KG 550KG 500KG
            (LxWxH) mm 1960x800x2000 1550x750x1850 1300x750x1800
            Printing color 4.2kw 3.5kw

            CopyRight By 2014 SHANGHAI XINHU MACHINERY CO.,LTD
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