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            XHSW1000- C Multi-Color Screen Label Printing Machine
            This machine adopt up-to date digital electronic technology, by PLC logic programming, man-machine interface operate, modular design. In order to operate easy and make sure printing Strength more average, that we using quick printing cutter holder organization. The machine is particularly suitable for printing on materials with dark bottom color and for large area solid printing.
            It is suitable for printing on ribbon, woven ribbon, satin and ribbon with high precision and fast speed. It is a high e cient machine for printing labels.
            Technical Parameter
            Printing area Printing speed Printing color Dry power (each color) Total power
            490x280(mm) 300-900prints/h 1to6 colors 220v/4.8kw Drying power+3.75kw 11.6(+0.75/one oven)
            x1.2x1.3 (m)

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